Customer Testimonials

"I had repair work done on my Cesnsa 170A wings, and at the same time had one of your kits installed. I have been very pleased...they are just what the 170 needed! Performance is better, landings are more stable, stall speed is less."
- Barney Bryan -

"My Cessna 172 has the STOL kit with gap seals. As far as my impressions of the package, I feel that it gives me a greater margin of safety in take offs and landings, since under any given circumstances I can take off or land in a shorter distance. Aside form that it's more fun to fly than a standard C-172. In a max performance takeoff the plane leaps off the ground.

On landings, my only complaint is that I usually have to taxi so far to the first taxiway since my landings are so short, but that is something I'll gladly LIVE with.
- Lance Bottari -

"A 1970 Cessna 172 Tail Dragger conversion loves the new STOL capability, especially the reduction in approach speed.

My first time out, I went to altitude, slowed down below 40 MPH indicated and was so amazed, forgot about the flaps! A hard stall occurs at about a guesstimated 30 MPH indicated. With full power and full flaps, a stall is difficult to get into and easy to recover. The angle of attack is unbelievable.

Conversion to conventional gear increases speed, climb, economy, etc., but the Horton Kit even increased performance to a greater degree."
- John Wright -

"I purchased a Horton STOL Kit for my Cessna 172L series in April of 1983. I am so pleased with what it did for my airplane, that I had to write this letter and thank Horton STOL Craft for having such a kit available.

It was the least expensive, compared to all the other ones I inquired about and its definitely performs far better than I expected. Again, thank you for such a fine safety and performance kit."
- Art McCoy -

"I am extremely pleased with your STOL kit and it has transformed the low speed characteristics of my aircraft dramatically without reduction of cruise speed. Increased aileron effectiveness and lower approach and landing speeds make my Cessna 185 easier to land and operate at low speed. The improved characteristics of the aircraft after fitting your kit exceeded my expectations.

I would strongly recommend the fitting of your STOL kit to any early model Cessna
- David Reid -

"I don't think that I have ever written a product  endorsement letter before, but I can't seem to get the grin off my face!  This afternoon for the first time, I test flew my 1964 Cessna 205A with your STOL kit in place. It had such a profound impact on the way the plane performs and handles that I was left in awe. My safety margins have been significantly improved. It won't modify the kind of flying that I do with the plane, it will only make it safer. I can't imagine a more elegant or effective modification for my plane."
- Jack Pines -

"I am absolutely delighted with the STOL performance on my T210. I have now had enough practice that I have no hesitation in rotating the aircraft after about 600 feet and letting the plane head for the sky. The 210 has never been known for its take-off performance, but with the Horton conversion it is certainly a different plane."
- Mal Gross -

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the STOL conversion on my 1980 Cessna 182. It is unbelievable to me and everyone else that I have demonstrated the plane to, the difference in performance. I feel the Horton STOL conversion is the best investment, improvement and safety feature I have made. It far exceeded my expectations."
- Jack Stuteville -

"A short letter to say how impressed I am with your STOL kit performance. We installed the kit on my Cessna 182 during the two weekends finding the drawings clear and straight forward.  

I would recommend this change to anyone interested in the added safety achieved when it is flown by the normal book numbers."
- Keith Arnold -

"Having flown my 1968 Piper Arrow for the last year and a half with your STOL kit installed, I must say that it is everything you said it would be and more. The extra margin of safety over the stock Cherokee is remarkable. I have flown this 180 HP airplane in high winds, off of four inches of snow, and in and out of short strips with excellent results. Always, I have felt it was your kit that made the difference."
- David O'Brien -

"I did my usual buy it don't buy it, routine with the Horton kit for my 1956-172. All I can say, not that I've learned how to fly it again, is WOW, and I should have done this years ago.

First flight with the kit installed, was a normal takeoff, same speeds etc. I really expected to loose some cruise speed, which I can't detect of any loss, at least not by the airspeed indicator. I did some air work with the same temps and humidity as was a couple of weeks before, without the kit installed. Then I found what I had lost with the installation of the of the kit. A full ten MPH off the power on Stall, and almost as much with power off. The real kicker, was the fact that there's not a stall with power on, it just gently nods the nose back to level, and starts flying. Power off stalls show a little more stall, but with either, aileron control is very positive all the way through the stall.

With my mentor and hero Earl (he's built more planes than most have flown) on board with me, It climbs at 500 FPM, indication 45 MPH. Both of us weigh in at around 250, so that's quite a feat out of an 0-300. Stalls were the same with both of us in the plane, and taking notes so as not to land and make mistakes about the speeds.

I said I had to learn to fly again, landing and taking off is more the case. The strip we use is 2400 feet long with trees, and with half dozen ex-test pilot types on the field, everyone gets to be ribbed with the 'ya gonna log all three of those', meaning the bouncing on the runway. I've always been prideful of my landings, so after the installation, I had to get used to the slower speeds, first time, I floated halfway down the runway. The next time and all afterwards were, in my opinion, quite respectable. It's almost unfair to say I'm landing now, as it's a no-brainer. Every one has always commented on how well N8175B performs, speedwise and in handling.  For a 1956-172, it's in pretty good shape.

I do believe that your product is the single best value-to dollar ration in any aspect of the aviation community today. If earlier on, I'd known what it would do, I truly would expect to pay a good bit more. The fit, finish, and completeness of a the kit, not to mention how easy it is to get support from Horton, should be a model for some the kit-plane industry. I can't say enough about your product. At the cost of 0.03% of a bigger engine installation, I can take off in the same distance of the 'manly Cessnas'!"
- Stephen Thompson -

"I now have over 35 hours on my 1962 Skyhawk with your STOL kit and Flap Gap Seal Kit installed and I love it! I have flown from Tulsa to Colorado a couple of times, my cruise speed is the same or maybe 1-2 mph faster now. Your kits made a new and different airplane out of a Cessna! Thank you for an excellent product.
- Harper -

"Bought the STOL kit this past year for my 1957 C-182 and am super happy with it. My grass strip is short, bumpy, uphill most days and ends abruptly over the Pacific Ocean. The STOL really makes a huge difference. Thanks."
- Mark Harris -


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